Web Design

Web Design

We provide affordable, custom and quality Web Development and Software Development services with latest and emerging Web Technologies.

Our goal in web development is to come up with unique designs that bring out the companies good image at a glance. We usually book an appointment with the client, listen to their need and offer equitable solutions based on the type of company, the customer target, future growth and expansion, security of information to be shared among a host of other details.

We categorise our webdesign services in the following areas;

Basic Website

If you need a basic website to house and promote your business Pina-Core Systems will come in handy to design one for you at an affordable price.

Commercial Website

For the clients that sell consumer goods Pina-Core Systems comes in handy to set up a website where your clients canview your goods, purchase them online and have them delivered at their offices or home.


For the creative minds that want to share a thing or to with the world on matters social, economic, political, scientific, christian or otherwise, we can help you set up a blog.

Corporate Website

This covers the large corporations that need standard websites to match their companies outlook. We come in handly with our team of dedicated and professional website developers to create a unique website.