Get Your Dream Job by Meeting the Interviewer Half Way

Get Your Dream Job by Meeting the Interviewer Half Way
September 12, 2018 No Comments Jobs Jistytech

One of the best ways to gain extra points in a job interview is to be well prepared. A busy interviewer who encounters an ill prepared job applicant has reason to get very annoyed.

A good percentage of job applicants lose out in job interviews because they fail to adequately prepare before arriving for the job interview.

Job applicants may be ill prepared because they have applied to so many jobs that they cannot realistically research all of them. Others may be applying for jobs which they are not really interested in. In this case, they will be wasting time – their own and the interviews – by going for a job interview while they know very well that their heart is not in that job.

Before you arrive for the job interview, you should have done your research on the organization using various tools available- mostly online. Some HR experts hold that 50% of the interview takes place before the actual interview. This makes the whole interview process easier and the interviewer will be positively impressed.

1: Google: Use the world’s most famous search engine to find out about your prospective employer. Feel free to use other search engines such as and and directories such as Yahoo. This will help you to learn more about the recruiting organization, its management and core business.

2: The organization’s website. It is a fact that numerous organizations do not update their websites as often as they should. However, you should not ignore the website of a recruiter’s organization in your pre-interview research. Notice various details about the company especially new products, management changes and so on. Do not ignore the mission and vision statements as they reveal a lot about their culture. In addition to helping you prepare for the interview, the information you get in an organization’s website can greatly help you to know whether your dream job is in that organization.

3: Industry portals: In addition to the organization’s website, try and search for information in websites that contain industry information. These include media organizations and blogs that highlight on developments in the industry. Also use the websites of the competitors to get more information on that industry.

4: Go Paper: Visit public libraries and read newspapers and periodicals on your interviewing organization. The more recent the information, the better, though you should not overlook older information.

5: Social Media: Many companies have a heavy social media presence unlike in the past when social media was used only for personal updates. Today, sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are valuable tools with priceless information for job applicants.

After collecting all this information, take an A4 sheet of paper and make notes of: the organization’s details (name, vision, size and core business). Make notes on your organization’s culture and the impression you got from the web information. From this information, it is possible to frame some questions about the organization that you can ask at the interview. The only thing that is worse than not asking any questions in the job interview is to asking questions that can be researched on Google.

The next step is to contact your referees. These professionals should be people who know you well (not relatives) and can vouch for your capability and character. It is a good strategy for job seekers to have different referees depending on the job being sought. If you have an industry leader as a referee then you had better use that person to give you some mileage in your job search process. Always get someone’s permission before using their name as a referee. Then alert them when you go for an interview telling them what organization and job position you interviewed for.

To prepare adequately for a job interview is to meet the interviewer halfway and to take the first step towards getting your dream job.

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