4 Things that ALL Employers are looking for in job applicants

4 Things that ALL Employers are looking for in job applicants
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ALL Employers value these 4 things highly: yet they complain that today’s job seekers lack them

A new employee had worked at a supplies company for a month when a big client had called to place a big order. It was on a Saturday and most people had left for the day.

The new employee picked the call and told the client that he would have to call back on Monday. The desperate client asked whether he could get the private number of the boss. The young man declined. Sorry. Call on Monday.

When the boss heard of this, he was understandably upset and asked his junior, “why didn’t you use your initiative?” “Because Sir,” the young man said, “no one told me to.”

Imagine you are a recruiter and want to hire a new employee. What qualities would look for? Do you want people who wait to be told everything or people who can take initiative and win more business for the organization?

In today’s competitive business environment, hiring managers want people who can take initiative and who can make an immediate impact in their new position.

It is not difficult to know what employers today are looking for. They are looking for the following:

While many people can impress at the interview stage, employers arelooking for people who can actually deliver. Employers are not moved by smooth presentations at the interview stage. That’s why many organizations have more than one interview.

Some even give practical interviews where candidates are given a specific task to perform. The rule here is that you should avoid applying for jobs for which you are not qualified.

It serves no purpose other than to waste your time and that of the employer.

Design your CV so that you highlight your experience and achievements instead of just listing your duties.In your cover letter, show how are able to meet challenges and develop opportunities successfully for the organization.

You must show quantifiable results and a clear pattern of success, effective decision-making and the ability to implement important programs.

Confidence is contagious. If you are confident of yourself, other people will also be confident in you. If you do not show confidence, how will employers be persuaded about your strong abilities?

At management level, one ingredient of success is self-confidence. Remember people follow leaders who look like they know where they are going.

Speak with authority (not arrogance) and demonstrate a commanding presence as a way of demonstrating confidence.

When you are confident, people can trust you with leadership. As the saying goes, it is lonely at the top. This is because not many people want to take leadership – which is nothing more than the willingness to take responsibilities for difficult decisions. People are influenced by such leaders.

Companies are always on the lookout for executives who have leadership abilities and this explains why there is so much poaching between companies.

Organizations will always encounter problems and the ability of the leaders to meet and solve the problems is one mark of leadership.

A senior manager for a blue chip company sat in a panel where they were interviewing a very qualified candidate. After the interview was over, the senior manager was asked to give his opinion of the candidate.This is what he had to say:

He has all the right skills but he cannot address three people to save his life! Asked why this was an important factor, the executive said, “the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is the biggest job of a leader. You cannot have a focused and motivated work force if their leader cannot communicate well.”

In your CV and cover letter, ensure that you highlight your communication skills – spoken and written.

People are drawn to people who demonstrate a positive attitude and are open to correction. There is nothing that saps the human spirit than a person who cannot be corrected – in other words, an arrogant person.

These are people who cannot accept correction or those who are always complaining about the workplace and their colleagues.

Employers want to hire candidates that display a good attitude – those that are teachable and are able to teach others. In fact, HR managers have a saying that you should always remember: Hire for attitude, train for skills…

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